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Coming Home: Why International Traveler and Airbnb Host Kevin Mclaughlin Chose Durham

Posted by Ashley Strahm on May 30, 2018 4:26:16 PM

When we set our sights on new destinations, we’re often hoping for an authentic experience with the unknown – we attempt to make enduring memories that are unique to the places we’ve explored. Sometimes, those memories are made as we discover, see, and do what’s around us; other times, we make memories in the places where we kick off our shoes and retire for the evening.

The latter is the reason why avid traveler, writer, and social justice leader Kevin McLaughlin became an Airbnb host. His hunger for exploration yielded remarkable adventures (his project of late has been publishing a nonfiction book about a former child soldier he met in Uganda). He could have chosen a number of continents within which to reside, but he chose Durham to offer his authentic home to those away from their own.

A host for almost two years, Kevin says he’s greatly enjoyed the experience. “As an avid traveler, I find it invaluable to meet kind and welcoming locals wherever I go; I am honored to be this figure for visitors and those newly locating to Durham. Airbnb hosting allowed me to open my home as a safe, affordable option for accommodation, and use it as a platform to share my passion for all things Durham.”

We met Kevin on location at his home in Durham’s Lakewood neighborhood, and had a few questions about why he thinks Durham is the perfect place to welcome others home.


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Unleash Yourself! Discover a Dog-Friendly Durham

Posted by Ashley Strahm on Mar 29, 2018 12:03:05 PM

We get it – the pet parents among us have longer lists and fuller suitcases when we travel… ones that include leashes, bowls, and chew toys that our furry families can’t go without. Getting your pup in the back seat is the first step of course, but what about when you arrive on location? Here in Durham you need not leave your pets on the curb  we invite you to bring them into the heart of your adventures!  Read on... we’re out to prove that Durham is as pet friendly a city as they come. 

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What's New in Durham, NC? (April 2018)

Posted by Ashley Strahm on Mar 27, 2018 2:52:24 PM

This season, windows are opening to welcome spring air, but so are doors to new restaurants and stores to welcome new patrons. Here’s a list of new spots you should explore in the coming weeks!

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Topics: Food & Drink, New Additions

The spark behind DCVB's spring art

Posted by Ashley Strahm on Mar 9, 2018 4:03:26 PM

The future of Durham's collaborative and welcoming cultural landscape is based, in part, on the creative minds that make the Bull City their home. This spring we’re celebrating an artist who is bringing his experience of our beloved city to life, one pen stroke at a time.

We commissioned artist and Durham resident Evan McIntyre to produce artwork for the cover of our spring seasonal newsletter. Discover the innovative mind behind the illustration that’s welcoming us into the season.

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Topics: Spring Activity Guide

5 Reasons to Make Durham your Favorite Springtime Festival Location

Posted by Ashley Strahm on Mar 9, 2018 3:55:51 PM

You made it. You survived the woolen socks of winter and are ready to enjoy the sweet breeze of spring with tickets to a Durham festival! This beautiful season in Durham means that the opportunities for fun are nearly as plentiful as the music in the air. Read on to discover five reasons why festival season in Durham is unlike any other.

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Topics: Spring Activity Guide, Festivals, Full Frame Documentary Festival, ACC Baseball Championship, Moogfest, NC Beer Month

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